Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Is Montessori Kindergarten The Best Choice For Your Child?

Montessori kindergarten is often held alongside preschool, catering to children up to the age of six. About 20 to 30 children may be present in the classroom, with each child practicing skill development independently. Each year, thousands of parents wonder whether to send their kindergartners to a Montessori school rather than a public school classroom. […]

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About the Benefits of Placing a Child in Preschool Before Kindergarten

Do you want to make the most of having to leave your child under the care of someone else while you work? If so, you may want to consider placing your child in preschool instead of daycare, as it is ideal for prepping him or her for kindergarten. Below, discover why placing your child in […]

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What You Should Look For In A Child Care Provider

It is common to out your child in a child care center while you work, but it can be one of the toughest things you do. Just the trust involved can be difficult knowing you are putting the care of your child in someone’s hands that you may not fully know. When it comes to […]

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