Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

About the Benefits of Placing a Child in Preschool Before Kindergarten

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Do you want to make the most of having to leave your child under the care of someone else while you work? If so, you may want to consider placing your child in preschool instead of daycare, as it is ideal for prepping him or her for kindergarten. Below, discover why placing your child in preschool is a decision that beneficial later.

What Makes Placing a Child in Preschool Beneficial?

Preschool is beneficial to a young child because he or she will have the privilege of learning while you are at work. Your child will experience how it feels to be in a classroom type setting, which can make transitioning into kindergarten easier when the time comes. For instance, he or she will already know some of the basic skills like math, English and writing when the time for enrollment in kindergarten arrives.

Another great benefit of preschool is the social skills your child will development. Being in a classroom setting will teach your child how to respond when the teacher asks a question, such as by raising his or her hand to answer. Your child will also learn to sit for extended periods of time to learn a curriculum.

Although preschool is like being in kindergarten, your child will still have the relaxed feel of a daycare as well. He or she will be provided with snacks, breaks and time to play with other children.

Can a Child Stay at Preschool Until the Parent Gets Off Work?

It is not common for preschool students to attend class during a full work day. However, it is likely that you will have the option of leaving your child at the preschool until you can pick him or her up. Some preschools have extended hour options available that becomes a daycare after the preschool classes are over.

You will have to pay extra money for daycare services, depending on the preschool chosen for your child. Keep in mind that enrolling your child in preschool may qualify you for a grant to help pay for classes, so it may be more affordable to pay for extended hours in such a case. Also, preschool classes may only be taught during certain months just like kindergarten.

Give your child an educational boost before he or she is old enough to attend kindergarten. Enroll him or her in preschool so the first day of kindergarten will be a confident experience!


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