Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Four Benefits Of A Home Based Daycare Over A Child Care Center

Harry Hawkins

Placing a child into the hands of another individual while you attend work or school can be daunting. If you do not have family or friends to watch your child while you are away, you have two options for child care. You can send your child to a home based daycare, or you can choose a child care center. While both of these child care providers can be very beneficial to your child, there are some advantages of placing your child in a home based daycare over a public child care center. To help you understand the differences, here are some reasons why you would want to choose a family based child care setting. 

More One on One Interaction

One of the biggest benefits of placing your child in a home based daycare is the amount of attention your child gets. This is more essential for younger children under the age of 1. In fact, child-to-staff ratio for children younger than 12 months should be 3 to 1 no matter what kind of childcare you have, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. When there is not enough adult supervision throughout the day, your child may not get their needs met. Many childcare centers offer a higher teacher to child ratio, whereas the home based daycare has fewer children enrolled. 

At Home Feeling

Sending your child to a childcare center may often feel like you are sending them to an institution. With a home based day care, it has more of a homeliness feel. The provider is likely located within a neighborhood instead of being in a commercial area. This makes it easier during the transition when your child is leaving your home and going to another home instead of a center with lots of kids all different ages. 

Less Expensive on the Budget

Another perk of sending your child to a home based daycare is the cost. Home based daycare facilities tend to be cheaper because there is less overhead. Since the provider owns the home, it is serving multiple purposes and not just a child care. Since there is no staff, the provider does not have to pay other people or purchase a building to house the children. 

Willing to Compromise

Sending your child to a family based day care is beneficial when you have an inconsistent schedule. In-home day cares are more lenient about the pick up times and drop off times than a child care center. In fact, some child care centers may charge you a fee if you do not abide by the schedule. 

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Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

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