Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Art Projects For A Group Of Toddlers

Harry Hawkins

Many people think that toddlers are too young for art projects. They have trouble following directions; and, they have short attention spans and are so messy! But for toddlers, art is more about the process than the end result. Little kids might not end up with an art project that they can take home. They might enjoy putting together a piece of art and then taking it apart again. But if caregivers relax and let toddlers explore, there are plenty of art projects that a group of toddlers can work on together. Read on for some ideas for art projects to incorporate into a toddler daycare program

Wall Art

A big rule in most homes is that kids aren't allowed to draw on walls. Seems logical. But it's sometimes fun to break rules! Engage a group of toddlers at a toddler daycare program by hanging a large wall-sized piece of paper somewhere in the space and giving the kids free access to crayons. You'll end up with a huge mural that all the kids designed together. 


Collage is fun for toddlers, and kids at any ability level can usually have success with one. Place a big bin of colored construction paper in the middle of the kids' work space. Give each child a piece of paper. Toddlers with good motor skills can use a glue stick to stick pieces of construction paper on their art paper. Younger kids who can't manipulate the glue stick might need a little extra help. Consider drizzling a bit of white glue on those kids' papers and let them attach construction paper. Don't worry if the kids stick the construction paper to the glue and then pick it back up again. They're exploring how glue works. 

Contact Paper

This is another project that kids can do as a group or individually. Hang a large piece of contact paper on the wall, or give each child his or her own work space. Use strong tape to attach the contact paper to the wall since it can be heavy! Give the kids a collection of items to stick to the contact paper. Wooden craft sticks, pom-poms, pieces of paper, and bits of yarn are all good choices. Again, don't worry about the kids putting items on the contact paper and then taking them off again. With kids this age, creating is more about the process and the exploration than the end result.  


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Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

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