Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Tips For Seeking Child Care For A Really Active Child

Harry Hawkins

Every child has their own personality. As a parent, you want to let that personality shine and grow. This can sometimes be tough when you have a child who is really active and high-energy. Managing their energy at home is one thing, but finding a child care service where they can thrive can be tough. Here are some tips for finding child care for a really active child.

1. Look at the child-to-staff ratio.

Look for a child care service with a lower child-to-staff ratio. The more staff members are available, the better they will be able to keep track of your active, energetic child. Services with more staff members are also more likely to hold organized activities that are more active, such as sports and outdoor playtime, since there are adults on hand to watch over the kids as they participate. At a child care service with fewer staff members, they may do more quiet, sit-down activities since these don't require such close supervision — and your child may struggle to sit through so many quiet activities.

2. Look for a playground or other safe outdoor play area.

Some child care services are indoor, only. Others have playgrounds and play areas outside. For an active child, you are better off with the latter. They can run around and play to burn off plenty of energy so that when they do go back inside, they have more patience and are better able to sit quietly.

3. Ask about the child care service's philosophy.

Does the child care service share your opinion that kids need the freedom to be themselves? Do they encourage kids to explore and have fun? Ask these questions as you tour facilities, and try to find a place that will welcome and celebrate your child's energy rather than deterring it.

4. Consider preschool instead.

Some high-energy children do better when they have something specific to focus on. If this sounds like your child, then you might want to look for a preschool program rather than a basic child care service. There are preschools that offer a lot of active, hands-on learning opportunities that have more structure than the simple "playtime" seen at basic child care services, so your child can put their energy to good use.

High-energy children have a vibrant energy that others admire. Don't let that energy be squashed; find a child care service that works with your child's energy, rather than against it.

Reach out to local child care centers for more information.


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Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

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