Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Picking A Daycare

Harry Hawkins

In a 2020 briefing, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that in nearly 50% of American families, both parents work. These families and single-parent households rely heavily on day care facilities in order to care for their children while working away from the home. Leaving your child with strangers for hours every day can be scary for parents, so it is incredibly important to do your research and find the right day care facility. Before choosing a day care facility, make sure you ask them these 3 questions:

1) What do you teach the children?

The CDC published recommendations for steps you should take to help children reach intellectual milestones at every age. These steps include reading to your child, motor-skill building activities, and social skill building. While your child spends a large part of their day at child care, the provider needs to take the same actions that you would teach your child important skills at every age. Ask the facility if they teach any foreign languages, math skills, or science projects. Even infants need intellectual stimulation, and it is important that your child's learning needs are met inside and outside of the home. 

2) How does scheduling work and what is your sick child policy?

Working parents have specific needs for scheduling. Ask your day care provider how late they are open and if there is an extra charge for picking your child up late. Ask them if they are open on weekends in case of emergency and if you need to schedule drop-offs or cancellations in advance. Find out what circumstances might mean you'll need to leave work to get your child, such as a fever.

3) What are your safety procedures?

Sadly, we might be hyper-vigilant of dangers in today's society. Ask your day care provider if they have a plan of action to protect your child in case of active shooters, natural disasters that could occur in your area, and even prevention of abuse or injury within the facility. Experts recommend that your day care provider complete background checks, safety training for employees, and implement a strict limit for the child to adult ratio within the facility.

Making An Informed Decision

Balancing your career and parenting duties is very difficult. They say that it takes a village to raise a child. The day care provider you chose for your child becomes their village. Ask them these three questions to make sure that they are the right fit for you and your child. 


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Exploring Learning In Childcare Settings

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